Toronto's AI Ecosystem

Toronto’s AI Ecosystem

The province of Ontario has become synonymous with the artificial intelligence revolution. It was here, decades ago, that Geoffrey Hinton and other AI pioneers in Toronto and Waterloo unlocked the potential of neural networks.

Today, the cities of Ontario are leading the world in AI talent and innovation with the biggest players in tech choosing to make it their home. Businesses are able to tap into Ontario’s high-quality talent pools, world-leading research and flourishing AI ecosystem to build cutting-edge AI solutions that meet some of our most pressing global challenges. In a landmark investment, the University of Toronto received an $100-million gift from Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman to advance Canadian Innovation – a true testament to the power of Ontario AI.

Centres in Toronto and Guelph are also leading work to ensure the era of widespread artificial intelligence is guided by the right ethics and values, placing Ontario firmly at the centre of the “tech for good” movement.

Where Ontario really shines is talent. London, Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa all offer pipelines of highly specialised talent that are allowing AI businesses to thrive. We shine a spotlight on these 6 cities and what makes their AI ecosystems exciting and unique.

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Toronto Global

Home to the pioneering Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), the Toronto Region has long been ahead of the game when it comes to supporting AI research and technology. 

Toronto’s world-renowned AI ecosystem spans academia, research institutes (i.e. Vector), incubators and accelerators. It offers the ability to work alongside some of the most talented AI researchers in the world and breathes life into innovative companies working to solve the world’s greatest challenges through the power of AI. Toronto also offers the highest quality talent for the lowest cost, when compared to other prominent tech hubs in the U.S. It’s a calculus that’s attracting talent from all corners of the globe and investment from multinational anchor firms from the likes of Uber, IBM, Samsung, LG, Nvidia and more.

As a result of the Toronto Region’s diverse economy, AI applications in the region span multiple sectors, from Life Sciences and Food and Beverage to Fintech and Automotive.

Vector Institute

Created under The $125 million Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, The Vector Institute is an independent entity dedicated to AI research, and one of the world’s top destinations for deep learning research. Established in 2017 to build on deep learning strengths at the University of Toronto, Vector has grown to include researchers in universities and institutions across Canada. Vector works with industry, institutions, startups, incubators, and accelerators throughout the country to advance AI research and drive its adoption and commercialization.

Since the launch of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy about two years ago, the Vector Institute has been among a series of catalysts for over $1 billion of announced AI and tech-related investments, which will result in the creation of 25,000 jobs across Canada. A true embodiment of the AI innovation that permeates Toronto, Ontario and Canada’s rapidly expanding AI community.

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