wifi triangulation in store

Retail Wifi Attribution Tracking


The digital capabilities that retailers developed over the past decade in areas such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud have provided a strong and future-ready foundation for success. The advent of eCommerce has changed the world forever. It has completely disrupted brick-and-mortar retail and marketing departments everywhere. Digital marketing analytics allows us to know everything about the customer when they use their devices but in-store operations knows next to nothing. 

  • In-store analytics
  • Attribution modelling
  • Wifi network integration
  • In-store wifi triangulation
  • Retail transaction data ingestion
  • Transaction data analysis
  • Wifi data triangulation
  • Retail data management
  • Python backend
  • Chart.js
  • React.js
  • Data visualization


Bringing data to brick-and-mortar retail

We were tasked by our commercial networking customer with developing a system that understands who’s in store, how long they are there for, what areas of the store they visited and how digital campaigns impacted their store visit. We also decided to explore how in-store wifi usage is impacting brick-and-mortar conversion.


Wifi analytics and traingulation

Upwards of 84% of people that walk into a brick and mortar store have a smartphone with the wifi function turned on. This means that just about everyone in a brick-and-mortar can be measured in some ways. We developed technology that connects to in-store routers that counts the number of visitors, how long each was there, how many came in groups and some basic understanding their path. By logging wifi requests and triangulating those wifi devices we shine a bright light into the retail store. With advanced digital marketing analytics services we are also able to attribute in-store traffic to online campaigns and conversion funnels.


Brick & mortar analytics and attribution

We developed an application that logs all wifi connectivity and connects it to in-store transaction data. Built in Python, we created a view that allows store operations and marketing departments to see in-store traffic and connect it to campaigns, product layouts and staffing. We designed a dashboard that shows daily movements as well as aggregated data per month, quarter and year. The application is integrated with an ERP, attribution data network and Hubspot.

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