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We created Brix because we need to find ways to build property faster and with less risk.

We have taken years of data and software expertise to solving some of our greatest challenges to date. We want to support the efficient development of cities with technology.

We help you build and sell more, faster using data & technology.

Property Price Projection

We apply machine learning in a multitude of ways to make our workforce more efficient and ensure impeccable quality and accuracy.


Dynamic Financial Scenarios

Our machine learning models power domain-level contextualization and individual personalization to understand user interactions with high accuracy.

Real Estate Data

We process millions of tasks each month and are built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.

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Machine learning integrations

We use machine learning technology to predict property asset prices in the future. We also extract patterns from historical price levels to guide these predictions and to refine future predictions as price change. Our software systems are linked with powerful data visualization and graphing technologies to present asset prices effectively for planning, development, product mix optimization and sales. 

Rest API

The Brix analytics platform uses a secure scalable, reliable REST API which enterprises and service providers rely on every day to deliver data and actionable intelligence.

Enterprise-grade security has been a key feature of the Brix system’s design from the very beginning. Every aspect of both the system and its hosting environment was designed to isolate and protect your data.

Who we are: