Digital products at scale

We have decades of experience developing for retail, healthcare, eCommerce, fintech, proptech and healthcare.

We bring together design, software and technical support teams that operate globally. We have decades of experience building Minimum Viable Products, secure infrastructure, mobile apps, web apps and integration layers.

We use data roadmaps, KPI tracking, and ETL processes to ensure what we build is ready to improve and automate as we grow.

The technology we develop is often integrated with eCommerce systems, ERPs, and distributed cloud infrastructure.

Our Software Development Services

We work with proven software development methodologies, languages and talent.

iOS Development

We developed award-winning native iOS apps. We have over 8 years experience with their strategy, design, development, publishing and support.

React Native & Android Development

We develop Android applications that are secure and developed to take advantage of the Google's Material user guidelines.

Web Applications

We really enjoy architecting software and data products for video, AR, eCommerce and integration. We build fast, scalable web applications in React, Node, JS, Python, Go, Ruby on Rails.

Software / Product Pods

We create on-going development teams for our partners. These are multi-disciplinary dotted line scrum teams that include development, design, QA, DevOps, PM and strategy.

Our team is your team. We work to create dedicated teams across markets to allow you to benefit from timezones and economics. We are the most efficient way to hire and manage a software development team.

Some of our work

We work with startups, new ventures, and global enterprise. We have taken lessons from each to continue to stay fast, nimble, collaborative and stable across markets.

Web App for Real Estate Management

We designed and built a real estate management tool that tracked property valuation over time while integrating with a host of external APIs.

Edquity - React Native & Javascript Development

We upgraded and developed new JS, React Native, Node and microservices components for the fintech platform that helps students with loans and budget management.

Neurmatix - Brain Data Web App

We designed and developed a tool for gathering and processing brain biomarker data. We used React, Python and Go to develop this neuroscience tool.

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